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Welcome to Nerds O War!



Due to events dating back to November 7th 2011, March 26th 2012, August 6th 2012, etc: it's highly recommended all guild members withdraw all their guild bank items and find another guild Soon™

If you are here to find out if <Nerds O War> is the right guild for you, please look under the "Information" section in the upper left corner, and check out the "Recruit Info" section. In our public Information section, you'll also find our detailed raiding system and an explanation of our guild ranks, all updated for Cataclysm, Firelands, and now Dragon Soul!

If you are a new guild member and haven't registered on the website yet, then you need to create an account, (click "Join Nerds O War" at the very top of the page), then check off the "Apply to Guild" box and fill in your details. We will approve your account the next time an officer logs in to the website, so ask us in-game or just check back here soon [make sure to log in to the website]. Please try to keep your username the same or similar to your main character's name so that we know who you are when we see it, or at least change your "handle" to your main character's name.

Non-members do not have access to the guild forums or a few other features, and members must log in to have full access. Please enjoy the guild website, be sure to check the forums frequently to keep up to date with guild matters, and we encourage you to participate in guild forum activity. The more you use the website, the better it becomes for everyone so please be an active member!

If you're looking for information on how to sign up for raiding, please look under the "Information" section in the upper left corner. You will want to read our "General Guild Rules" first, and then our "Raid Rules and Signup" after that.

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So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish!

Zanven, Dec 21, 13 3:18 PM.
It's time!  We recommend all guild members sell everything they possibly can, including all guild bank items, before the next WoW expansion Warlords of Draenor goes Beta/PTR - before it's all 100% useless and worthless... or deleted.

Happy Holidays!
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