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Farewell, Nerds O War!



If you are here to find out if Nerds O War is the right guild for you on Hellscream, then we sadly suggest you look elsewhere: the guild hath Shut Down.

If you were a Nerds member, then rejoice: thou hath finally been set free!

For Many Months, there were warnings to all Nerd guild members to withdraw all their guild bank items and find another guild Soon™, and unfortunately the day of Soon™ hath come.

This website will be shut down when the domain name expires, and is only maintained to inform past members coming back from their typical 1-2 year "break" what happened, before Warlords of Draenor is released.


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You Can't Handle The Truth!

Zanven, May 18, 14 11:57 AM.
Can You Handle The Truth?

"Can You Handle The Truth?"

   - Source:

Nerds O War is/was one of the oldest World of Warcraft guilds in the history of the game, for almost 10 years on realm Hellscream-USA;  Since 2004.  Yes, almost a decade!  Currently led by Zanven/Zanvan, but founded by Zull and a few others just a few months after the original "Vanilla" WoW game was released, Nerds O War stood the test of time where many other guilds came and went - especially early on!

We DO NOT feel our guild's demise was the fault of any one player or officer or GM or whoever, as some would falsely try to have you believe.  I encourage you to read ALL points/theories below for the whole story.... Thank God it's just a game, folks.....

   (of our guild, for the Benefit of):

  (*) Our Past Members suddenly logging in after the typical year or two "break" of not logging in to WoW at all, for the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion... and deserve to know the truth of what really happened to our beloved guild, and,

 (*) Other Guild-Masters to serve as a warning for what NOT to agree to, no matter how much your hardcore members whine or complain...

  (as per some of our past-player's/member's humble personal opinions):

AS A DIRECT RESULT of what we felt was the general yet gradual exodus from Hellscream (US, Horde, PvE) over years, way, way back on November 7th 2011, March 26th 2012, August 6th 2012, etc: Our whole entire guild voted and re-voted and then re-re-voted to move away from seemingly dying Hellscream to the very active Area 52 (US, Horde, PvE).  It was a triple-confirmed decision by our whole guild.  The idea was to move upon launch of Mists of Pandaria / MoP, without looking back.  Current GM Zanven/Zanvan agreed and approved.  Seemed like a good plan so far, right? That was years ago, with things still dragging on. So Umm.... read on.


As a footnote, many consider the following to be serious contributing factors to our situation, but not any one single point of blame;

1. A few bad apples in our guild, led by someone who had not been in our guild for about a YEAR [let's call her Bad-Apple-1], unexpectedly came back and suddenly tried to abort the Area-52 transfer and keep players on Hellscream before MoP's launch.  It was like being side-blinded by a bus in your blind-spot.

2. She briefly brought back a few RL friends to the guild who were also all gone for a YEAR just a short while yet succeeded in causing mass confusion, indecision, and delay, while the MoP expansion launch came and went. As time passed and players leveled-up with perks on Hellscream, those remaining guild members were in chaos and felt trapped on Hellscream.  After causing this chaos, that Apple-1 and her RL friends once again disappeared...typical.

3. Real-Life Money was never an issue, as our Guild-Master Zanven/Zanvan even offered to pay everyone's transfer fees from Hellscream-to-Area52 back at that time!


In the aftermath of the chaos caused by Apple-1... Certain bad apples later on lead by someone who had previously been banned by our founder Zull for YEARS [let's call him Bad-Apple-2], became aware of our situation and abruptly asked to come back to the guild...

 * Way before all of this, Apple-2 had been banned by Zull the founder of our guild for good reasons.
 * When said Apple-2 was allowed back into our guild after Zull's departure, he attempted a coup de grâce of the guild's empty shell left on the Hellscream realm.

The Hellscream charter was always planned to be disbanded upon the initial transfer planned move to Area-52, but due to this chain of events it was maintained for years.  Ironically, but not surprisingly in retrospect, this Apple-2 tried to make it look like they were trying to "help", but at least consider that just maybe a reason they wanted back into the guild so badly for so long after Zull left was perhaps to form some type of a revenge of sorts...who knows?


ONLY possible because of high population on Hellscream way back in the ancient past of our guild, dating way back to the Zull era, our guild was able to recover when other bad apples had also tried power-play takeovers from original founder Zull in similar ways.. but we feel there isn't sufficient population to recover anymore...

Unfortunately, for lots of reasons for several YEARS now, we feel there's been a very bad population problem on Hellscream - yes, for YEARS - which many feel has had a very negative, deteriorating effect overall.  Indeed, it's the reason we all voted to leave.  Ultimately, by not leaving, combined with bad apples plus some player's opinions of the semi-blame on BLIZZARD below, these unfortunate series of events over the span of a few years turned out to be something the Nerds O War guild couldn't fully recover from.


Just so you know, our current Guild-Master Zanven/Zanvan apologizes for the following:

a.  Agreeing to move our guild to Area 52, even though everyone said they wanted to move at the time (it's still Zanven's humble personal opinion that everyone moving to Area 52 for FREE could have saved the guild),

b. Not being stronger and not gkicking both those bad apples 1-and-2 plus their officer RL friend earlier on before they caused so much amazing long-term damage,

c. Getting sucker-punched and side-blinded by said bad-apples; And... whatever else you may perceive or imagine, even if untrue.  Yes, I truly do care.


You're probably unaware, that the founder of our guild Zull did not even have an active WoW account for about 6+ months prior to leaving our guild.  He entrusted his officers to maintain the guild, but was totally out of touch while playing Minecraft and other games, for about a YEAR prior.  The founder of a company in real life doesn't have to go in to the office every day, in fact they may even leave their board of directors in charge and retire; so why should a GM in a video game be unfairly scrutinized?

The Point: Zanven/Zanvan stepped up to the plate as replacement GM and tried to save the guild, but if you actually read this amazing chain of events told within this tome, you'll see such efforts by anyone would be overshadowed by fate.

BLIZZARD = Partially to Blame?:

Don't get us wrong: WoW is one of our all-time favorite games and Blizzard one of our all-time favorite game companies.  Many of us SPENT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the years on Blizzard, such as traveling to Blizzcon several times (tickets, airfare, hotels, etc), plus paying 10 years of $15 subscription per month (10*12*15=$1,800.00 USD!), plus maintaining this website, plus domain names, plus hundreds of man-hours spent, plus etc!!  We love you, Blizz.

However, some of our members and ex-raiders long felt the concepts below were worthy of sharing but too negative to post back then, so here it finally is for whatever it's worth:

1. Blizzard decided to launch a feature called Looking for Raid, enabling cross-realm raiding, way back in the Cataclysm expansion.  It was one of those things that sounded amazingly awesome and super sweet in the beginning, but "hind-sight is 20-20" as they say, and some player's feelings and perceptions are now this feature may have slowly contributed or led to lack of loyalty to any particular guild and or realm, perhaps thereby greatly reducing the previously huge sense of social aspect from the game (which many feel was a key fundamental feature in WoW's early days)?

2. Blizzard decided to make a WoW expansion pack based on recycled content from prior work controlled by their mother-ship Activation containing pandas, aka Mists of Pandaria.  Before MoP even released on its announcement, it was viewed by the majority of our guild's more serious (aka Raiding) players and partner-guilds alike at that time, as the "Teddy Bear" expansion. Basically, MoP was perceived by our more hardcore ex-players and friends as a confusing morph of what was once perceived as a "bad-to-the-bone" game about killing enemies in a big party into something else... and since "Perception IS Reality" for some, the backbone of our guild raiding outright collapsed which, in turn, resulted in a very slow yet eventually mass exodus from both our guild and Hellscream?

3. Some feel that perhaps the perceptions of the one-two punches described above, may have thereby in turn greatly contributed to WoW's currently perceived crisis of a general active-player population decline across many realms these past few years?

Of course, this is all just a theory of some of our past/players, yet it all seems worth pointing out as possibilities of contributing causes leading up to this point... again, not just one bad apple.



As for Area 52, there are no active Nerds O War guild members on that realm anymore, primarily due to lack of officers, although it's still the #1 Horde PvE realm overall - even after Blizzard recently offered free realm transfers OUT of it.  So if you're looking for a new Horde PvE USA realm, it's still top dog!

Please Remember This: We feel we've done all that could reasonably be done to help save things, but after a decade our guild's future just simply doesn't look good..  KEEP IN MIND OUR GUILD'S PLAYERS DON'T ALL FEEL all of this is any one person's fault in particular. IT ISN'T. In fact, some of our guild's players DO BELIEVE it's more a very complex chain of events, involving many bad-apples, some perhaps unintentionally, and other things including Blizzard's own decisions, all leading up to this point. Thank God it's just a game, folks.....

Update 7/31/14: After Many Months (years?) of warnings, the Hellscream Nerds O War guild has been shut down. Major Factors in this decision were:

(1) Our concern that Blizzard's upcoming Warlords of Draenor contains NO new Races, NO new Classes, and in our humble opinion INSUFFICENT new Content (merely rehash of vanilla content?!) which means we will NOT get back sufficient numbers of players, and

(2) Blizzard seems to be catering to the
SINGLE-PLAYER, part-time, casual, non-raider (we feel the Raid-Finder feature was a mistake and is discussed in detail above).

Thus, Combining 1 and 2, plus our other concerns above, we really worry that Warlords of Draenor will probably be the shortest-played expansion set ever in WoW's history, and we're concerned it may be sending the message from Blizzard that they themselves may be permanently winding down World of Warcraft development resources for a future official farewell, meaning it may very well be the LAST expansion set for WoW, ever.  Who knows, it's all just speculation, but time will tell.

Thank God it's just a game, folks.....  Please, don't hate on the messenger.  I hope to see you online, even if it's a different Blizzard game or others!

Best Wishes,
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